October 14, 2014: Speech to the Arizona Ranchers at Douglas, AZ

November 19, 2014


Setting up the projector for my PowerPoint: “Securing Our Future: The US-Mexico Border.”

It is not often that I get to lecture at a bar room, but this last speech at the gathering of Arizona ranchers in Douglas, AZ was among the most enjoyable efforts I undertook in a while. The bed and breakfast setting which dates to the early 1900s was an appropriate piece of historical background given that these ranchers and their family lines extend to that period, and much earlier. The group consisted of Ed Ashurst, John Ladd, Roger Barnett, and many other well-known ranchers who are seeking to increase their security given the mass invasion of illegal aliens whose entry into the US is organized and structured by an increasing presence and sophistication of MDTOs (Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations), commonly called cartels.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these ranchers during the last six months while I conducted field research along “the line,” the US-Mexico border. These patriotic cattlemen are the very human terrain encountering the illegals and the criminal trail associated with these movements.  The Morning Call  newspaper was kind enough to publish a short article I wrote on the cartel activity that I noted during my recent field research. The link is here: http://www.mcall.com/opinion/yourview/mc-illegal-immigrants-border-safety-catino-yv-1031-20141030-story.html

The problem is indeed serious, and does not get the attention it deserves, much less the action required to secure our borders. Mr. Ashurst is organizing the ranchers so that their views, concerns, and security issues will gain this visibility needed along with the will, resources, and manpower.  His website is here: http://www.federalobserver.com/


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