HARW Speech on Strategic Border Security, 10 MAR 2015

March 15, 2015

HARW Speech 10MAR2015 Sierra Vista AZ

HARW Speech 10MAR2015

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak at the Huachuca Area Republican Women’s Club in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was very happy to present my PowerPoint: The US-Mexico Border: A Strategic Problem. I underscored that this subject is far more important than a local issue of security and affects the entire country.

Here is a link to the presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/martincatino/us-mexico-strategic-border-insecurity-14-mar2015-copy

The people of Arizona, particularly those Arizonans living in the Tucson Sector, are being unfairly criticized for their opposition to the illegal invasion and cartel activity on the border. But the problem is very serious and understood well by many who are not only living here but seeing first hand the violence, cartel control, penetration of our border security, and movement of special interest aliens (SIAs) from the Middle East.


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